So does this work now?

I made an adjustment in a script, and
now I’m testing again.  Last time for a while, really.  I figure
I’ll write more here if I can access my blog via email.  This may
or may not be true.  Doesn’t really matter–I don’t mind that frytopia
has become something of an old skool weblog.  You know, a place where
you post interesting stuff you found on the web.

Which reminds me of something that pisses
me off.  "Advice" on how to write your blog for maximum
traffic so you can make money.  Pick a topic!  Write frequently!
 You know, all that is fine if traffic and money are your goals.  My
nitpick is that this advice is written as if all blogs should conform;
as if there’s only one reason to write on the web.  Criminy.  It’s
your webspace.  Do what you like.

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