What the?

Man, I totally thought I made an entry this morning. Several paragraphs, even. I don’t know what the hell happened. I’ll try again.

First, I finally unpacked the refurb Scooba this weekend, and was mightily pleased. The kitchen floor is cleaner than it’s ever been, and I hardly lifted a finger. Refurbs can be had for a reasonable price from Amazon. I know it sounds like a frivolous purchase, but we both hate to mop, and we both like clean floors. And we have better things to do, like save the world and stuff.

Second, I’m enjoying the hell outta Spooky Moon. It’s become a site I would subscribe to, if I didn’t write it.

Third, I had a great time with Amp and company last Saturday. Missed JD, but it’s probably just as well, since Bill was sick and would have felt even worse about not attending if JD and Kris had been there.

Now let’s see if this saves…

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