Ceramics Showcase

Went to the OPA Ceramics Showcase on Friday, and talked to potters about how they did things, and grabbed several inspirational pieces…


I purchased this cup from Craig Martell, who used a variety of slip and glaze decorations. This piece inspired me to make some slip at the studio today and play with it on a few green pieces.


This “singing bowl” by Carol Lebreton is a hollow shape, filled with something that makes a beautiful, raspy, rain sound when gently turned. The bowl is a feast of texture, with an earthy mottling on the outside, and a deep, varied, glass-like finish on the inside. I was bummed that Carol was not around, as I would have loved to ask her about her glazing.


This small platter by Leslie Green was very difficult to photograph. Leslie uses a raku glaze, along with a clear glaze, and a coat of silver nitrate, to achieve a marvellous sheen.


I admit I bought this bunny by Michael Fromme because, well, it’s darling. The more I look at it, the more I love its robust, lively form.


Finally, I couldn’t pass up this monster by James DeRosso. This monster is only a few inches tall, but fills every bit of it with whimsical menace, if there is such a thing. DeRosso also makes much, much larger monsters, which I longed for, but couldn’t afford.

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