Laurelhurst Art Walk


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The Spousal Unit and I had a wonderful time strolling through the Laurelhurst Art Walk yesterday. Several dozen artizans gathered at homes around the neighborhood to sell their wares.

Looking over the list of artists and crafters, I squeed when I saw Sew Many Cats would be there. I had seen her work on flickr and and etsy and, and there’s something very special about getting to meet someone whose craft you’ve admired online. Stacie, aka “Sewmanycats”, was super (though I was having one of my infamous shy moments, and didn’t talk much), and seeing the wonderful pile of cats upon cats was far too tempting for me. I took home the bright cutie above, a kitty she had made just the night before.

Barbara Atlas

We wandered from home to home, buying this and that. I grabbed some amazing citrus bath salts, and some doggie treats for a friend’s dog. I was wowed by the pottery of Barbara Atlas, and nabbed the bowl pictured above, for its brilliant glazing. I loved all of her work–it’s bright and lovely, yet it has a dark, Tim Burton/Edward Gorey edge.

At the last house we visited, Bill, who is darned picky about photographers, bought a compelling, almost abstract print from Karen G. Di Milia. Karen tries to photograph the light, and mostly succeeds. One portrait caught my eye that was lit like a Rembrandt. The light drew me in to the photo, whose simple subject of a man reading at a counter was made beautiful by this talented photographer.

Also at the last house we got a big surprise–a celebrity encounter! I got to meet someone whose picture I’ve used as an icon on countless sites: COOKIEBUNNY!

I was beside myself to actually meet and pet The Cookie Thief herself, Desdemona the bunny! The story of the photo: Desdemona’s person, Arlene, was hosting a meeting of an Oregon rabbit club, and the bunny was doing her usual rounds of the guests, getting pets and oohs and ahs (she is a *lovely* bunny, and friendly, and soft as a whisper). Desdemona then spotted the plate of cookies in front of the couch (we saw that couch!). Ken Sypher, the photographer, realized the inevitable result, grabbed his camera, and whipped ’round the other side of the couch to wait. Thus did Bunny become Legend.

And boy howdy, are we ever going to make the Laurelhurst Art Walk an annual event. A big thanks for a great day to the artists (esp Stacie!), the neighborhood, and the bunny!

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