Lookit me! I’m bloggin’!

Don’t worry, dear overwhelmed readers, it won’t last.

I was just thinking about birthdays. There are very few I remember without prompting from my calendar:

Bill (June 3–and sometimes I have trouble with this one)
Kelly on March 17
My parents, on various days in March
My brother, on July 3

Some I can sort-of remember:

My sister, on either May 21 or 24.
My friend Anna, some time in November. I think.
I sometimes get the months for my nephews right.

Some birthdays I think I remember, but I hold off until my calendar reminds me, because I’m always wrong:

John, January? June? *sigh*
Aunt Diana…oh, nevermind.

So what brought this to mind? I always remember Marlene’s birthday. Marlene was an “honorary aunt”, my mother’s best friend for many years. She took care of Mom during her last months, and I’m forever grateful to her for that. Marlene and I have never gotten along–just personality issues, and all on my side. I know she’s a good person. We care about each other. But we haven’t spoken in many years, because she just makes my brain hurt.

But I do think about her. So, Marlene: happy birthday. I do love you, even if I don’t show it.

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