Don’t you love how I post these long, personal screeds when things are going a little badly, so all my friends think I’m in terrible shape?

I’m not.

Doing mucho better the last few days, and having a pretty good time. I am writing a seminar for work right now on time and stress management (hey! don’t laugh!), based on a lifetime of study, and a whopping dollop of David Allen. Wish we could afford David Allen. Ah well, I have more to cover than that anyway, and I have to work things in so it all fits and is entertaining and engaging and…you get the idea. I love this stuff. As people-phobic as I can be, performing (and teaching is performing) doesn’t bother me. I love writing the script, putting together the images and exercises, pacing everything out, rehearsing, and presenting. My perfect job is half teaching and half coding. And in fact, that’s the job I’ve spent the last 10 years molding where I am, and I’m just about there.

Dangit, I forgot my vanilla candles.

I had an idea that when I’m feeling good, I can mainline a distinctive scent, so I have a sensory trigger to use when I’m not so great. I decided on vanilla, because, yum! But dangit, I left my vanilla stuff at home. Maybe I should go to Williams Sonoma for lunch and get the good stuff.

And, after several produce deliveries rotted, I have finally found the time and energy to cook again. Made a bitchin’ veggie loaf last night. Cooked it forever, so it would get nice and crusty. The crusty bits are the best.

I’ve been thinking about reviving my Crush section. Heck, I don’t even think I have a link to it anymore. And it’s all broken. And I keep saying “I want to revive X”, but do I? Nah. But I was thinking about it, because the Spousal Unit and I are watching Stargate SG-1, and we each have our own little crush. I was going to put them both up. But since I have better things to do, I shall probably not get around to it. To make up for this terrible oversight, here’s some Teryl Rothery for the SU:

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