Sleepy weekend

I’ve been sleeping a lot. Could be about anything. Including just being sleepy. Did wake up long enough to try to visit Ikea on Saturday, but we didn’t know the secret handshake. You can see the Ikea, you can almost touch the Ikea, but can you get to the Ikea? No, not unless you know the extra-special Way of Ikea. During our lost wandering, we saw alluring signs that said “Cat Show”. Alas, I was too cranky to heed them.

So we went home, looked up the bloody directions, and tried again on Sunday. Still missed it, but by serendipity, we ended up lost in the same area as before, and this time we followed the signs to an out-of-the-way Holiday Inn, hosting a cat show of unknown provenance. For $5 each (it would have been $3 if we’d known to bring some food), we wandered the aisles, gazing at feline beauty. We even got to pet several. I fell in love with the diminutive Singapura; a graceful, kitten-sized cat with enormous, attentive eyes. A perfect shoulder cat. Both of us fell head-first for a wonderful Sphinx, whose slim head housed the most beautiful face I have ever seen on a cat. Her owner came by to give her some attention while we were there, and we got to pet her warm, downy skin. Of course, there was the obligatory presence of a cat-rescue organization, tempting us to bring a companion home for KC. But we know better–KC is happy the way things are, so we resisted.

Oh, and we finally did make it to Ikea. It was…interesting…from an anthropological standpoint. I do like their design sense. I don’t like their store layout. The crowd was insane. I can’t imagine actually buying anything there, but I can imagine swiping some of their room ideas.

Then it was nap time.

PS: We are now on season six of Stargate, and we miss Daniel Jackson. I’m glad we’re watching it on DVD, and know he’s coming back. If we’d been watching this as it was broadcast, we might have given up in despair.

PPS: I’m thinking of doing something crazy today.

5 Responses to Sleepy weekend

  1. So you wandered around like a cat, and found the show – purrfect! Glad you enjoyed it. For the last 3 years our shows have benefited the Oregon Food Bank because like cats, we believe food is important. Our next show is Jan 26 & 27, 2008 at the same Holiday Inn. Thanks for the idea of having our cat paw signs lead from the IKEA to our show, but I don’t have a clue how to get to it either.

  2. Cat says:

    Ah-HA! It’s the TNCC Cat Show! We had such a great time! I’ve put the next show on my calendar.

  3. Paul says:

    Did you do something crazy??? Bought a guitar?

  4. kelly says:

    Hi Cat,
    You were right next door to Yocream when you found the cat show at the Holiday Inn. I get many people come down our street looking for a way to get to Ikea. The signs are poorly placed. I was severly traumatized when my sister and I went there a couple of Saturdays ago. I won’t go back any time soon. Too many people in too small a place.

  5. Cat says:

    Paul: Yep!

    Kel: We saw Yocream! We said “that’s where Kelly works. Again. I hope they’re treating him better this time.”