Duelling crushes

(so, spoiler alert, if you’re as far behind on Stargate as we are)

[JONAS QUINN has seen a huge bug that no one else sees]

[Spousal Unit]: Get thee to the infirmary!
[Me]: He’s probably faking it so he can see the pretty doctor.
[SU]: If I worked there, I’d be sick all the time.
[Me]: I hate to break this to you, but when Daniel Jackson comes back, he comes back naked.
[SU]: [extremely displeased pout]
[Me]: Gonna find the episode and throw away the disk, aren’t you?
[SU]: [pouts, nods]
[Me]: [smirks]

PS: Shanks talks about that scene. I wasn’t going to link that (because then everyone knows I’ve been trawling youtube for Stargate crap), but it’s pretty funny.

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