KATU linky love

Blogging in Portland has certainly changed. Of the bunches of attendees who RSVPd for tonights. KATU blogger meetup, I know…one. Two, if JD decides to stop by.

If I’m not feeling too craptacular, I shall be there wearing a Blogathon shirt. I should have gotten a bunch of swag. I am a terrible, terrible networker. I shall print out a stack of cards, at least.

Just to be all friendly-like, I thought I’d link everyone who has listed their site on the guest list. If you see this, say hello.

TJ Norris
Leslie of Clever Title
Steve K
Rick Seifert
The Governor of Gayville
Nino Marchetti
Richard & Stephanie Sipe
Brian McLernon
Another Blogger
Tales from The Stump
One Wahine
The Bliss Quest
BS Brewing
Geek in The City (Yay Aaron and Jen!)
elohi gadugi journal
My Whim is Law (I think I’ve talked to Betsy before)
Lizzy Dishes Portland

Those are just the confirmed ones who listed websites that would load. Oh, and didn’t look like spammers (there were only a couple).

Wanna crash the party?
KATU Channel 2 Studios
2153 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232 US

See you tonight!

1 Responses to KATU linky love

  1. TJ Norris says:

    Hi Frykitty!
    From your friends at http://www.tjnorris.net/blog
    where we (er, I) plan on keeping info about TBA fest this and next week all fresh. – TJ