KATU Blogger Meetup

KATUMeetup: Portland bloggers group photo

Originally uploaded by Brian M. Westbrook.

Here we are. Bill and I are in Blogathon t-shirts, down in front. I know it’s hard to spot me with dark hair–my shirt is dark blue, Bill’s is royal blue, both with pink text. Yeah, I look like hell. Sue me, I didn’t primp. That’s JD to my right. He says he doesn’t smile in pictures because his eyes get squinty. C’mon, look at this–everybody’s eyes are tiny. May as well smile for a group shot this big.

While I’d like to say I had a good time, well, it was a lot of strangers. Bill and I clung to poor JD like a couple of lampreys. It was nice to talk with him–we don’t get together nearly often enough. But yeah, awkward. Bill only had to give my hand a gentle touch once when I got too hyper, and my voice started going up. Sigh. At least I wasn’t the only freak in the room. Someday, I’d like to be suave.

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