I’m good

I took some time off from the computer, mostly. Still am, mostly. But I know there are folks watching for updates, so I thought I’d slide one in here.

What I’ve been up to:

Selling paperbacks online, which I am really enjoying. And yes, I will buy paperbacks off my friends, though I’m a stinky greedhead and will only give you .25 each. A girl’s gotta eat.

Making jewelry. Those last few months were kinda hard at work, leaving me so disorganized I couldn’t find my camera until recently, so the Halloween jewelry is a bust at this point. I will be making more creepy stuff that I will sell at Spooky Moon. So I am getting started on Christmas stuff. This is where all the crafters who started making Christmas stuff in March laugh at me. Nothing is up for sale yet–I have been massively busy on the book thing. It’s harder work than it sounds like.

I’ve been writing a little, reading a lot, and playing some. I’ve been really healthy, which was the whole point of leaving the job, so that is gratifying.

Oh, and being a turd, I am pretty sure I forgot to thank my wonderful in-laws for the birthday presents! I especially loved Masters of Deception, which I slurped through in a couple of days.

I also want to thank all the work friends who have left comments and sent emails. You thoroughly rock, and I do miss you, and if you wanna have lunch, just say so. I’m downtown all the time still, as my mailbox, bank, etc., are there.

3 Responses to I’m good

  1. Johnny says:

    Hey Cat,
    I was thinking about you, and am glad to see you happy and doing well!
    Happy Halloween a but early,

  2. Paul says:

    Cat great to hear you sounding happy and focused and importantly looking after you.

  3. Robbie says:

    Just checking in. Glad to hear that it sounds like you’re in a good place and taking good care of yourself and it sounds like you made a good decision.