Bookseller! Dats me.

When I struck out on my own, I’d planned on selling a few books on Amazon, and putting some crafts on Etsy. The craft room has a table full of half-finished projects. The books done took over. I love books. I love touching them, organizing them, discovering what they’re about. I love buying large lots of books from individuals, and seeing their life played out before me in their reading choices. I love the wacky covers.

I still may finish up some crafts, but right now, I have a few thousand books in the garage, waiting to be listed. And (more) shelves waiting to be built. I’m not paying the mortgage on my own yet, but I’m not doing too badly. And I’m having an awful lot of fun.

Mmm. Books.

If you want to keep up with me ‘n’ books (and other things), Spooky Moon is the place to do it.

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