Updates, updates

Update the first:

We are selling Casa Sennkitty. We should have done it months ago, before our accounts ran so low! But all’s well. Our Realtor is confident of a quick sale, once I finish the damned painting and clean up the back yard. Yes, I will destroy a small, thriving ecosystem to sell the house. We are finding ourselves…relieved. This place was always too big for us. We don’t use the living room, and the dining room is storage. Even though we’ve lived here three years, we never finished painting or hanging art. Just never felt “ours”. Sounds like I’m rationalizing after the fact, doesn’t it? So be it.

Update the second:

We had our last Immigration interview today! As in, we await a fingerprinting appointment, and the Spousal Unit gets his Permanent Resident card. After that, he’ll apply for Citizenship as soon as possible, as he’s hot to vote. Probably won’t make it for this November. He reminds me of myself at 17. Whadd’ya mean I can’t vote yet? WAIL!

And that’s all for now. If you’ve written and haven’t heard back, it’s because I’m knee-deep in Sail White. And yes, Liz, I do want to get together! Next week?

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  1. Liz says:

    That would be great Thurs or Sat; just that Sun the Prov Bridge Pedal is happening so downtown will be full of bikers. Will contact you as the days get closer. Will be flexible as I know your sched is tight; Congrats on your Spousal Unit getting the green card. That deserves a beer!

  2. Paul says:

    Ahh Cat, I know the feeling well – and it is lovely when p[eople say “hey maybe your next place will be the ONE”. There is a sense of relief of excitment of that journeying into the unknown which lifts the spirits – but then there is the cleaning the packing and THE SALE.

    We are having people through the house next week and hope for a quickie also but as the housing market is down we will just have to wait and see what happens.

    I hope it all goes as well as you hope and as well as I hope it does with us so be it for yo or even better!!!

    Good news re update 2 – a move and a permanent residency – kind of ironic to get permanent residency and then move. Life is funny sometimes isnt it?

    Wishing you success.

  3. Liz says:

    Hi, Cat Just an update; I have been sched to work this wkend Sat, 9 to 2, but will be free afterwards or Sun. Best wishes on your move and sale!!!Again Congrats on the permanent residency news. Looks like everything’s in flux, everything, including the PC site. Liz

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