Reverse Resolutions

I am not goal-oriented. My laundry list of things I want to do in 2009 could fuel a ticker-tape parade, but if I deign to record them, they will only be fodder for later guilt. I could use less guilt in my life.

So, instead of anticipating a long list of things I probably won’t do, I shall celebrate what I actually did accomplish in 2008.

  • Dyed my hair green.
  • Lowered my average fasting blood sugar by 10 points (10 more to go…).
  • Did better socially. Remembered more birthdays (though not as elaborately as I’d like), saw at least some of my friends more often (*waves to Marj*).
  • Started a novel.
  • Read 196 books. (no comment on the literary quality thereof)
  • Kept house cleaner than usual.
  • Built a whole lotta shelves.
  • Sold a respectable number of books.
  • Coped reasonably well with some major crap.
  • Finished painting the house.
  • Planted something out front that’s still alive.
  • Spent a lot more time creating art.
  • Sent Christmas cards!
  • Did a couple major cullings of stuff.
  • Spent more quality time with the cat.

How was your year?

2 Responses to Reverse Resolutions

  1. Kelly Stanphill says:

    Hi Cat,that is an impressive list. We didn’t see enough of each other this year. Hope we can find the time to get together more often with the spousal units.

  2. Marj says:

    Marj waves back!! This month has been so hectic! I read your book exerpt and enjoyed it. Would you want a proofreader? I volunteer!