The message on the readerboard

The message on the readerboard at the church on 122nd Street is “Life’s Short! Find joy in it!” Not bad. I prefer the one they had up about a year ago: “Original thinking is lonely.” Yep. Love that one. Bummer is, by the time I got my lazy ass out there with a camera, they’d taken it down. I should write a letter to see if they’d put it back up. Something like:

Dear Pastor:

Over a year ago your church put the phrase “Original thinking is lonely” on the readerboard facing Burnside. I pass by your church every day on the train, and I want you to know how much that phrase inspired me. I’ve tried most of my life to be original, and you’re correct, all it’s brought me is loneliness and pain. It’s no fun to be misunderstood. Look at our famous original thinkers: it’s obvious from Einstein’s grooming habits that he was a lonely, disturbed individual; Isaac Newton never married–how terribly, terribly sad. As a woman, I certainly don’t have such brilliance in me, so why should I sacrifice the companionship of those with whom I can share ideas, political views, and faith? Since seeing your message to the world, I bought some dresses and let my hair grow. I want you to know that I haven’t worn those subversive sneakers in months. I’ve had my tattoos removed, and I’m finally a registered Republican. And best of all, between the bake sales, the prayer meetings, and my Christ Loves Singles group, I’m never lonely. Thank you for changing my life.


A Happy Conformist

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