The Move

So yeah, we moved from a 4-bedroom house to a 2-bedroom apartment. Honestly, I like the space. It’s just the right size. The apt itself could kindly be termed “down-market”, but that’s cool. The neighbors and the manager are wonderful.

As my friends have no doubt noticed, I’ve gone fully into Hide Mode. Sorry, dear ones. I’ll come out again eventually. Right now I’m nesting, and I don’t wanna talk to anyone. Hanging lots of art on the walls. Making the tiny kitchen work. Moving the cat box. Eating at restaurants waaaay too much.

So there’s an update. Love to my loves. I’ll talk to you soon.

1 Responses to The Move

  1. liz says:

    Hello Cat; take your time settling in–cats need to get used to their new home (the pet cat but maybe also you Cat); my friend told me that they need to be confined min 2 wks in new place or they may run away to their old home.

    I have watched the cat videos over and over — good videos esp the cat flusing the toilet.
    Best wishes on your stopping/hiding/winter dormancy mode.

    I hve not read up on HTML but wil try sometime.