Sometimes, despite my geekiness, I’m what you call a late adopter. I’ve had a cell phone for a year. And I just ordered my first iPod.

This is because of some other good news: the husband is working! He is the head sci-guy at Calypte, where they make good things, and have an unidentified groundhog/squirrel/chipmunk on the grounds. The critter has b/w chipmunk markings, is the size of a squirrel, and has a Dramatic Groundhog face. I’m sure one of you kind folks know what he is. I’ve never seen one, but then, I’ve spent most of my life on the East side of the river, and Bill now works in Tigard. Okay, I’m rambling.

Thing is, when Bill first got the job, he said he wanted to celebrate when he got his first paycheck by getting me something really nice (!), and he suggested the iPod I’d wanted for a veryvery long time, but that we hadn’t been able to afford. He said not being able to get me nice things was killing him. There are some parts of the dominant/protective male psyche that I love.

I also love Bill, and not just because he buys me things.

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