The morning feed    

The morning feed         …         Barbelith has a nice overview of the whole Feminist Media Watch thang. My opinion? Well if you don’t have anything nice to say…oh hell, here it is: Feminists need a sense of humor. Loosen up. Teach by example, not by trample         ….         my first link-back. I know I should be nonchalant about this, but it’s actually pretty cool, and from a blogger I really enjoy. Bear with me, I’ll get over it eventually         ….        yaddaness adds two cents to the “what is a blog” dialog. When I’ve been following some underground band, and suddenly they get famous, I feel a tinge of disappointment. I find a lot of rationalizations to excuse the fact that I’m being pissy because the band isn’t mine anymore, when in fact I should just be happy for them in their success. Though the feelings I’m hearing are similar, what’s happening here is not. This is an exciting time, and I’m glad I jumped in, so nyah. What will happen as this community reaches critical mass? How will it break up and what will become of the pieces? This is where it gets interesting, folks.

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