Toward the end of this month, I’ll be climbing into the RAV and heading for Sedona. I-84 there, Hwy 101 back, and various places in between. Here’s the route so far:

That’s kind of rough, as it doesn’t show the whole route, just what I’ve managed on Roadside America’s trip planner (which rocks). I have a ton of attractions marked because, for me, this isn’t about getting to Sedona and coming back–it’s about seeing everything along the way. I’ve replaced my go-phone with a camera phone (still pay-as-you-go; I’m cheap), so I can take crappy pictures and post them here. Well, I hope I can. We’ll see once I get to play with it a bit. I’m sure I’ll be able to post them somewhere by phone. Other than that, no computer time for me during the trip. I hope to spend a lot of time sketching.

Because the Spousal Unit has to work, I will be going it alone (unless Kelly S. will come with me? Hint, hint?). And yes, if I get too lonely, I’m turning around! But I think the sights will keep me occupied. I’ve never done anything like this before, so it’s quite the adventure. I’ve only seen a tiny corner of Arizona, but I fell in love with that corner, and have wanted to go back for years. So now I shall, all the while crossing things off my must-see list.

I’m gonna see where Evel Knievel tried to jump the Grand Canyon, yesirree.

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