Daring Fireball: Tynt, the Copy/Paste Jerks

Over the last few months I’ve noticed an annoying trend on various web sites, generally major newspaper and magazine sites, but also certain weblogs. What happens is that when you select text from these web pages, the site uses JavaScript to report what you’ve copied to an analytics server and append an attribution URL to the text.

Read the rest of the post about this new, horrible webthing (I made this attribution on my own!):

Daring Fireball: Tynt, the Copy/Paste Jerks.

2 Responses to Daring Fireball: Tynt, the Copy/Paste Jerks

  1. Liz says:

    Thanks Cat for this article. Now I will be careful bec I paste a lot of info on the PC site for the PCs. Or I can just delete the attribution like you said.

  2. Liz says:

    Above doesn’t apply to what I have been doing on the PC site as attribution by default as I only have been posting links. Also won’t it be useful to acknowledge source if you quote something but be able to do this yourself, but in the above case done by 3rd party invasively in a Big Brother kind of way and to make money from it.

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