Wishlist for Kindle items: Amazon, you’re doin’ it wrong

Amazon recently updated the way wishlists work; they now show release dates for print pre-orders.  Great!  At the same time, they removed any clue that Kindle pre-orders were available yet.  Oh, not great.  Here’s a snippet from my list, to show you what I mean:

Wait for Dusk hasn’t been released yet.  On my wishlist, it looks exactly the same as Kindle books that are currently out.  I have to click through on a title to figure out if I can buy it yet.  Very, very frustrating.  I have faith that they’ll fix it.  Thought they would have fixed it already, so I’m actually sending them a note as well as whining here.

Yes, I know your wishlist is supposed to be used by other people buying stuff for you, so the Kindle status shouldn’t matter, as it can’t be a gift purchase.  In reality, and I am darned sure Amazon knows this, people use their wishlist as a personal shopping list.  Right now, I’m adding print editions instead of Kindle.  This is after I went through my wishlist and changed all my print editions to Kindle where available.  This book junkie is getting irritated.

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