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I was going through an old password list, and found some pieces of my web self. Some of these may require registration for you to see my profile. Not long ago, this list would have included a Geocities page. C’mon, you had one too, admit it. The one constant has always been frykitty.com. I’ve been blogging here, frequently or not, for more than 10 years. I suppose this will do for a belated anniversary post. So here, like discarded bits of clothing leading through the house to the bedroom…

My Vox page, which is lovely to look at, but was never very useful to me.

The current mood of frykitty at www.imood.com Imood.  I am astonished this is still around.  Every time I find it again, I’m so charmed that I update rather than delete my account.

Cafepress.  Half of it was stuff I made on the fly for a work friend, and means nothing to anyone anymore.  The two frytopia items are from a design I miss very much, and should probably find a way to have again.  WordPress doesn’t play well with just including the raw blog in a design.

Last.fm.  Dang, why haven’t I been here in years and years?  I used to be absolutely addicted, and it’s a cool thing.  Maybe I’ll revive this one.

ICQ.  Bwahaha! I had to delete embarrassing stuff from my profile before I’d post this. I hate to chat, but once upon a time, this, IRC, and AIM were the only games in town.  I remember they used to have the absolute worst, most confusing site on the web.  It still kinda sucks.

Librarything. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a wonderful site; it just never meshed with the way I read.  I put a bunch of stuff in, but stopped a year or so ago.  Spending the time to log books got annoying. I still keep track, but with a little paper notebook.

MySpace. I wanted MySpace to be what facebook is, but let’s face it, MySpace is complete crap. The only thing it’s good for is band sites.

The Stone was one of my first online obsessions.  An elegant puzzle game steeped in mystery, it encouraged lots of research and community.  It no longer exists, but there’s a tribute site that preserves the puzzles, though you must register. I think I still have my Stones (yep, I bought more than one) somewhere.

Tribe. I can’t believe I didn’t delete my account. The thing about message boards: on most of them, it’s people saying the same things over and over.  Once you’ve read them for a month or so, there’s little new. So I get bored with the boards. I was really into this for a while, though.

And now that I’m fully nostalgic, I think I’ll grab a Mt. Dew and party like it’s 1995.

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  1. I think we should ramp up the nostalgia and do a couple 24 hour blogging sessions. Ah, the way things once were. What happened to Maximo? His website redirects to some entertainment stuff now. 🙁

  2. “Blogs get much of the press. They have become so numerous that an early blogger of some repute, Jerwin Maximo (goluboy), wrote to me in late May this year “unfortunately, now that everyone and their Aunt Edna is doing the whole blogging thing, I’d kinda lost interest in it and am now seriously considering going against the grain by not having an online presence.” He added that he may reconsider that decision. (His site has become the funny/outrageous Bent*Spud, a site not unlike The Onion.)”

    Well that explains that.

    Anyway, cheers!

  3. Cat says:

    Hi Stuy! The web was magical then. Still is, though less mysterious. I still see things every day that blow my mind.

    I’m actually cool with how things are. I’m not that active (a lot more on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cat.winterfox), but I’m still here. These days I share neat stuff I find, instead of whining about whatever I used to whine about. Okay, still whine a little. 🙂

    Hey–like the music site! Very cool.

  4. Stuy says:

    Thanks! Take care and all that… I don’t do any of that facebook stuff, though, Twitter, of course. Pretty sure back in the day Electric Biscuit pre-dated Twitter by at least 7 years. Who would have thought the whole world would want to ‘blog’ short messages every minute like I and the crew used to. Haha.

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