2010 Portland Area Haunts

Okay, here’s the list so far:

Davis Graveyard is a huge yard display, and is not optional–if you’ve never seen it, you simply must go.  This year, haunters from all over have sent in spectacular sculptures for the new spider tree.  I can’t wait.  Starts October 8.

13th Door. Run by the same folks who own Glowing Greens,  13th Door is consistently fantastic.

Fright Town. I can’t believe I’ve never been to this one.  I am going this year.

Scream at The Beach. I always end up here.  It’s like a comfy pair of slippers.  Really scary slippers, with teeth and blood.

Haunted MAiZE. This is another one I can’t believe I’ve never been to.  Hoping to get there this year.

Here are a few outside Portland.  I haven’t been to any of them, but I’ll hit a few this year if I can.  I especially want to visit Milburn’s.

Howl’n’Feast, Molalla, OR

Terror in the Country, Warren, OR

Milburn’s Haunted Manor, Hubbard, OR

Finally, this is where I’ll be this weekend: The Portland Halloween Bazaar at Oaks Park.

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