NBC Mystery Movie

Anybody remember the NBC Mystery Movie?  We watched it every week.  I didn’t so much like Columbo or McMillan & Wife, but I was a sucker for McCloud and Hec Ramsey.  They hardly ever showed Hec Ramsey.

So I was thinking…this would be a neat format for a mystery series with cozies.  You know, the mysteries with the little dress/book/donut shop owner in the small town.  I love the format, especially when there’s romance involved.  I’d like to see at least half of the shows be paranormals, like the Witchcraft Mysteries from Juliet Blackwell, The Vintage Magic mysteries by Annette Blair, or the Bewitching Mysteries by Madelyn Alt.

Why a wheel show? Because really, a weekly murder in a small town, solved by an amateur sleuth?  That stretches even my credulity.  But once a month?  Sure!

So if you know a powerful television executive, please send them this link.  I need something to watch besides Bones and Castle.

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