It really was a happy Christmas

Christmas can be pretty damned depressing.  There are a lot of reasons, and I’m not gonna be all maudlin and go into them, but there’s one thing I know for sure: if I don’t make an effort to celebrate the season (which I adore, by the way), then Christmas is a giant sucking thing that sucks.

So this year, I (still) had a nasty cold, and our kitty ate tinsel and had to be hospitalized.  Perfect setup for the giant sucking thing.  But it didn’t happen.  We got our kitty back for the holiday, and she is happy and healthy.  That was a huge deal, but out of our control.  There were a couple things I did that were in our control, and took the vacuum out of the suck.  I write them here mostly so I can remember next year!

1.  Decorate!  When I don’t put up a tree and barf decorations and lights all over the house, I spend the whole month feeling I’ve missed the train to happy.  We really don’t have the space, but this year I said heck with it, and put boards over the treadmill track to protect it, and put the tree up there.  It’s an artificial tree, so it’s light.  Worked perfectly.  I also put away a bunch of our knick-knacks and replaced them with Christmas stuff.  Lights everywhere.  Ah, it’s good to be in Christmastown.

2.  Make stuff.  I was part of a Christmas card swap, and that was good fun, but what really made me happy was a last-minute idea to make one of the Spousal Unit’s presents.  I took a dollar store frame and embellished it with polyclay tiles, then I set up the big lights, and took a nice portrait of myself in front of the tree.  I scrambled to put things together and hide the evidence from a curious husband, but the result was awesome.  The frame (and, hell, the portrait) turned out really lovely, and the reaction was, well, I don’t want to malign my husband’s manliness, so I’ll stop there (psst–I believe “verklempt” is a good word).

Next year, I’d like to make more.  I didn’t bake this year, so some sugar-free Christmas cookies are in order.  I’ve said it before, and the SU agrees, if I really want to, say, make ornaments and cards for my friends, I’d better start now.  So I am.

A crafty addendum: I’ve just signed up for Focus52, a less terrifying version of Crafting 365.  My first thought was “maybe I can NaNo it!”  So I guess finishing NaNo is now my mental slang for success.  So let’s see if I can NaNo that sucker, even if I just make one little ornament a week.

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  1. spousal unit says:

    The portrait, and the frame, are wonderful. They are going on my desk at work.

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