Shimmer Paper Tutorial

A few folks have asked how I did the shimmery oval for this card:

Rock'n'Roll Valentine


The following tutorial looks like a Tim Holtz ad, so I added in a Fiskars bonus at the end.  Materials:

Pink card stock
Adirondack Alcohol Inks: Pink Sherbet, Cranberry, Wild Plum, and Silver
Adirondack Alcohol Blending Solution
Applicator handle with felt pads


Apply a generous amount of your base color to the felt pad.  Mine was Pink Sherbet.

Add spots of your other colors, finishing with Silver (yeah, I cheated on the photos, realizing I didn’t add enough ink on the first try.  The above pic is how your base color should look.  Below is a little sparse.)

Add a generous amount of Alcohol Blending Solution.  This makes the ink go further and blend better.

Apply ink to paper with a twist of the wrist.

Go over things more than once if you need to.

Now the Fiskars bonus. For those of us who don’t have room for a Cuttlebug or similar machine, the Fiskars Shape Cutter and templates are a really nice option.  I just found mine a while ago, and I absolutely love it.  Here’s the cutter and heart template:

I whip that puppy around the template, and I have a neat little shape.

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