A Month of Spookdays: Lighted Ghost Garland

Ghost Garland

Sometimes, you do the project; sometimes, the project does you. I think I’d become over-confident, with a few projects going exactly how I wanted them to. Oh, not this time, boy-o!  First the clay, Cernit Translucent–which is normally well-behaved–was the consistency of sticky cream cheese. I think there’s more Armor-All in there than clay. Then my first stringing solution didn’t work, and the lights fell right out. I knew I’d have to knot. My brain, while it is often in knots, does not understand knots. Despite everything, it got done, and it’s cute, though unwieldy.  I will probably separate the ghosts and lights and just make a regular garland later.

Oh, and the background there is our antique cabinet with Halloween stuff strewn all over, waiting to be arranged.

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