A Month of Spookdays: Bird’s Nest Ghost

Bird's Nest Ghost

My fabulous in-laws sent me Home, Paper, Scissors, by Patricia Zapata, for my birthday. Of course the first thing I thought when I was looking through the book is: ‘how can I make this spooky?’ (Doesn’t every0ne think that?) The first project in the book (the one on the cover) is Bird’s Nest Bowls. She used plastic wrap, which I didn’t have. I use Glad Press N Seal, and it didn’t release quite as nicely, but that’s okay.  I also left more spaces in my ghost than she leaves on her bowls, because I wanted plenty of light to shine through.  There is a zen quality to Zapata’s work, and, at least on this project, carries through to the process. I felt like a very calm Saul Bass.

Bird's Nest Ghost in progress


Finally, another makeup tutorial, though all you’ll really learn from it is that it’s fun to watch this artist work:

1 Responses to A Month of Spookdays: Bird’s Nest Ghost

  1. Cheryll Dale says:

    Cool vid of the make up! Cute ghosties too, your birds nest….
    Thanks for sharing

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