A Month of Spookdays: Paper Ghost Garland

Paper Ghost Garland


For my birthday, my wonderful Spousal Unit bought me one of these:


I managed to wait a few days, but soon, I couldn’t help but play. So here is my first piece of handmade paper!


So how to make that spooky…

How about a little dry-brushing with off-white paint, then cut out as many large (4″) hearts as I can manage:


Wait, what? Hearts?! I’m not supposed to be making hearts for months! But there is a method to my madness.  Cut those cute little hearts in half:


Then give them some shape. I usually just go wild with the scissors, but here I’ve drawn in the shape to show you what I’m doing:


In case you’re still wondering, it’s a little ghostie! Next, the ghosties get cute faces:


Then they get two little holes in their heads. They find this quite upsetting:


I had a dozen ghosties, so I cut off about 60″ of 3/8″-wide orange ribbon, and fray-checked the ends. While you can do without, this is much easier with a ribbon needle. String the first ghost starting from the back, then gently move it down the ribbon until it’s about 10″ from the end. Use all this moving to manipulate the ribbon so it stays shiny-side front.


String the other ghosts, moving them gently, and keeping the ribbon shiny-side front, until they’re about 2″ from the ghost in front of them. All this moving is why you need a nice, heavy paper. Now string ’em up!


Again via Art of Darkness, whose links I steal with utmost affection, comes Tim Burton’s first short film, based upon, and narrated by, his lifelong hero.

5 Responses to A Month of Spookdays: Paper Ghost Garland

  1. Goofygirl says:

    This is great I have been needing something easy to do to decorate for the great pumpkin’s arrival!!


  2. Cheryll Dale says:

    Awww, you cheated, buying a kit! And all you made was white paper? Geez, couldn’t you have added at least a little sparkle? lol. Well, your ghosties are pretty cute, I have to admit..keep on, keeping on..wit da paper..look forward to more, more, more!!!

  3. Cat says:

    Hey, it was my first sheet! And I’m so not set up to build a deckle box, so buying one was pretty much the only way it was getting done.

    I have plans for the next one…oh yes.

  4. Cheryll Dale says:

    That Dave Lowe is awesome! I looked at his haunted house then looked at his book making post, awesome sketch book, and bat covers with paper towel and mod podge, wow! Still more to see on your links. Hope you will still add links to your blog on AQ had to look for this one..

  5. Cat says:

    I don’t know why this entry didn’t show up on AQ–it should do it automagically. Hrm. That’s down to our beloved Tortuga.

    Dave Lowe also does a web comic that is very silly and gruesome. 🙂

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