A Month of Spookdays: Craft Fair Loot

Craft Fair Loot

Dropped by the Kerri Foland Scholarship Craft Fair at MHCC today and spent way too much. Not sorry.

The Halloween countdown calendar is by Kimzey Kreations. The front is a changeable plate, and I will definitely want a new plate for Christmas. Sadly, she doesn’t yet have an online presence, but if you’re desperate to have one of these gorgeous calendars for yourself, ask me and I’ll send you her email address.

The cards are by Deana of Cusp Designs. We spent a few minutes talking about Artfire, which I noticed when they first launched, then kinda forgot about. She loves them as a venue, so I think I’ll have a poke around.

The wonderful cuff I’m just going to mumble about, because I have no idea who I bought it from. I’m so ashamed. I just put on the cuff, and I loved it so much I held out my wrist and said “you cut off the tag, and I will give you money.” I had two people complain that they wanted that cuff. Too bad. All mine.

Finally, get a load of that teeny mummy zombie. I don’t even like zombies, and I think he’s adorkable. He was made by my friend Tina, of CFL Creates. She has a ton of them in her store right now. They are so much cuter in person than in my inadequate photo. I mean, lookit his widdle eyeballs hangin’ out.

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