A Month of Spookdays: Boo!

I keep running into fun things on the intertubes.

Online image-editing site Picnik has tons of cool goodies for Halloween editing. A lot of it is premium. The service is great, and if I used it more often, I would totally upgrade. As it is, I stuck to the free stuff when I vamped up myself and the Spousal Unit.

When Edmund Stone, host of The Score, went to Ireland and Scotland on an Earthbound Expeditions trip with a bunch of All Classical listeners, I was filled with envy. Especially when I found out those listeners got to sit by the fire in an old inn and listen to Edmund tell ghost stories. He has a great voice for it. Now you can listen too, as he’s put up two Poe stories on the Score website.


Persephone Costume Idea

I’m not much of a costume person. Last year I went to a party as a lolcat, and nobody got it. And I got the font right and everything! Sigh. That’s pretty typical of my costuming experience, so this geeky girl doesn’t go there. Take Back Halloween almost makes me reconsider. Sadly, most of the costumes still have to be explained (never a good thing), but they are still cool ideas. Note: this is not a costume retailer, just an idea source. Kinda wish they did sell these things!

2nd Street Cemetery, which is fast becoming a favorite spookblog, has introduced me to the new tradition of Booing. I vaguely remember doing something like this when I worked in an office several years ago. Can’t remember if it was Christmas or Halloween. Either way, sounds like fun in an office or a neighborhood.  Get Booing.!

Oh man, do I ever wish these were sugar-free. So cute I’m tempted anyway, these are Krispy Skremes, available for the season from Krispy Kreme. There’s also other cute stuff on the website.

Via Art of Darkness comes Hide, by Andrew Shouldice. A very creepy little game for PC and Mac. I got killed in about two minutes. The graphics are old-skool, which is actually refreshing. It manages to be plenty spooky, trust me.

Okay, I think I’m done, except for one last treat, again via Art of Darkness:

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