A Month of Spookdays: Apples, Pots, and Home Haunts

La Catrina

La Catrina takes first prize

This cloudy Saturday found us at Portland Nursery’s Apple Tasting. I can’t believe I’d never been there. Man, that place is huge for being right in the city.

Line at apple tasting

The line to get to the apples

We tasted a few dozen varieties of apples and pears, then bought some for the tasty price of .99/lb. We met some nice people, too! Of course, the reason I wanted to go was the scarecrows.

Scarlette O'Hayra Edgar Allen Crow

On our way out to the fest, we saw something intriguing along Stark St., so I had to go back and have a look. Turns out it was Scare Hollow, a home haunt that has grown over the last five years from a few animatronic props to a full-blown walk-thru with actors. This year, it’s all about a futuristic town gone bad. They open on Wednesday. I think I have to go.

Scare Hollow

Scare Hollow

The other thing we did on the way back is check out the house on Long Street, otherwise known as Lonesomeville Pottery. Every year they put up great scarecrows, and dozens and dozens of pumpkins, both carved and ceramic. You simply must see this place at night. But even better, their Autumn Sale is next Friday.  They have seasonal items, which I’m hoping means I can grab a pumpkin or two!

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