Just got back from the

Just got back from the Tim Finn show. What a blast. His recordings give only the merest hint of what he’s capable of on stage. In fact, he’s my new crush.

Went with my friend Kelly, and a new friend, Janie, whom I met through the Portland Club. She’s neato. She just had to meet Tim after the show, so we hung out for a few minutes. Finally she went up and asked one of the road crew if he was coming out. Road-crew guy (a cutie named Jeff) said that he might–but he was looking for some rolling papers. So Janie comes back up to this little crowd that’s formed of the people that were sitting around our area, and asks if anyone has papers. Nope. A few more minutes and a trip to the bathroom pass, when Janie realizes there’s an AM/PM across the street. Yep, she ran for rolling papers. Jeff took ’em back to the man, and the man came out to say hi. He was just so easy. Relaxed and friendly, he put everyone else at ease. Okay, well at least he put me at ease. Janie was a little nervous. He made you feel like you were just sitting around shooting the breeze. All in all, a very nice evening.

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