Got Firefox? Delicious add-on? Been slow lately?

Delicious has been having serious growing pains lately. The whole service is being re-vamped, meaning feeds are broken, and a lot of things we loved about the old Delicious haven’t been put in yet. When they do get something updated, they tend to over-reach. And that’s what happened to my poor browser.

I’d noticed the Firefox had been mad slow lately. I actually ran a full virus check, cleaned up my already-clean computer, and was left scratching my head. Thing was, there was this bar in the lower left of my browser that said “syncing bookmarks”. Clicking on it didn’t help. I couldn’t tell if it was coming from FF or an add-on. Finally, I went looking.

First, I found this hapless fella with the same problem. Luckily, the Powers that Be knew which add-on was causing the problem. Really, I shoulda guessed. Delicious decided that everyone should have all their bookmarks imported into Firefox, and they made it darned hard to turn off. I mean, holy crap, do you know how many bookmarks I have in Delicious? I’ll tell you: 4,472. And I can’t imagine that’s a particularly high number for a long-time user. So yeah, it was grinding Firefox to a halt.

I disabled my Delicious add-on, but then I had the same problem as the fella: I still want to use my add-on! So, after a teensy bit more searching, I found this. More than halfway down the page is the header Control Delicious Add-On Options, where I discovered Classic Mode. I could get to those options via the Tools menu in FF. Wait, the what? The “helpful” new FF menu doesn’t have tools. *sigh* A little more searching and I found I can bring up the old menu with Alt or F10.

So, the bottom line: hit F10, go to Tools–>Delicious Options, and follow the directions here to unhinder your browser. We really should be able to turn off syncing without losing all the other new things, but that’s the way it is for now.

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