There's a new 80s station

There’s a new 80s station in town. Since I moved my clock-radio to the other side of the bed, the station I usually wake up to is mostly static (NOT a nice way to wake up), so I thought I’d give them a listen. I’m glad I tested it out last night before I actually set my alarm to that station. The first song was great–don’t even remember what it was–but I was bopping along to an old 80s fave. Most of the songs they played were great fun. But by about the fifth 80s anthem, a funny feeling came over me. Panic. Depression. I tearful feeling that I had no control over my life. In fact, I felt like my mother had just died and I was trapped in a bad marriage a thousand miles from anyone I trusted or loved. I’d forgotten how much the early-to-mid 80s SUCKED in my life. I found it astonishing how accurate the retreived feelings were, and how visceral and disconnected from my reason. It took me an hour to figure out where they’d come from. I guess I’ll take my 80s music in small doses. And I’m sure as hell not waking up to it.

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