And now for my second-favorite holiday!

I still have some stragglers from Halloween that I may finish and post. There’s a felted ghost box looking forlorn on my craft table. There’s a haunted cathedral in my head that goes with the house and the gravestones. Hmm, perhaps today is a good day to organize my idea book? If I do, I’ll post.

Every year I design the Christmas tree, and I have a lot of fun with it. I bought some material I’d intended to use for Halloween–a black mesh with shimmery iridescent silver threads. I decided that instead, it would be the start of my Christmas inspiration. From there, I had an idea: fairyland. Felted bulbs and leaves in purples and greens with bright accents, little polyclay creatures peeking out. Sunday, the Spousal Unit and I went mall wandering, peeking in the stores that already had Christmas up, looking for ideas. I snapped several pictures. Found the lights I wanted, only to discover they were $30 a string! Yikes! I think I’ll look for a less expensive alternative. And then, at Macy’s, I found this:

Angus Owl

Not only is he lovely, he was on sale! In the background is a little of my inspiration fabric. I hadn’t planned on buying anything, but Angus (he acquired a name on the way home) had to be mine. He’s just big enough to be a tree topper. So this year, it’s that cool fabric, fairyland, and snowy owls. I’m getting ready to carve a snowy owl stamp, which brings me to another Christmas subject:

Cards! Man, I suck at cards. Every year I want to make cards and send them. Sadly, I’m lucky if I manage to even send a few store-boughts. So, today is for thinking, making lists and plans, and maybe carving a little. Tomorrow begins a month of cards. Should I do it all official, like A Month of Spookdays? I haven’t decided yet. All I know is, one card a day, made, packaged, and addressed, to be sent at the beginning of December. I can do it! Or at least half of it! Or maybe a few of it! It’s possible I may need the moral support of my fans. All six of you.

4 Responses to And now for my second-favorite holiday!

  1. Rose says:

    I have a black artificial tree & have been using white owls. Pale blue garland and silver accent for a couple of years . I think it looks beautiful. I love your tree topper! Good. Luck! Love your stuff! R

  2. Cat says:

    Oh, for a black tree! Perhaps when we live somewhere we can store multiples. We went with green because we knew we only wanted to store one.

    I would love to see a pic of your tree!

  3. Cheryll Dale says:

    Awwww, you’re little owl is so pretty, and I know you’re tree will be something spectacular. A Month of ? is definitely in order, Cat. Why stop now, you are on a roll. ;-)I’ll be watching, that’s for sure! Fans? 2 down, _to go Let ‘er rip!

  4. Marilyn says:

    I love the idea of a fairyland tree, it would be fun searching through the branches for all the little elves, gnomes and sprites. Can’t wait to see what direction you go in!

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