Art, nostalgia, and felting heaven

Light calligraphy by Kalaam

Design Boom brings us light painting taken a step further in the artistry of Kalaam. I have always admired Arabic calligraphy. Calligraphy seems too unassuming a word for such elevated artistry. Kalaam’s alphabet is Anglo, but it is heavily steeped in Arabic tradition. The photos are not altered or retouched. Kalaam drills the movements for the painting over and over before finally committing them to film. I love how the paintings work with the environment. The photographs would be lovely even without the painting. It is a magical melding.

Via Mein Welt comes something that I’m sure has existed on the web before, but I never looked for it. Will Kemp explains basic concepts clearly in his online Art School. I really want to take time to sift through all this–it looks great. And because you know I love a process video:

I think I still have those shoes.

I haven’t had decent stats on this site in years. I had logfiles, but I never checked them until recently, only to discover that they’re gone. *shrugs* I have lifetime hosting from a guy who I’m not sure even runs a hosting business anymore, so I can’t complain. So I installed a little sitemeter thingie since I got interested again, and I’ve been finding the oddest referrals. Like one from a eight-year-old Metatalk thread. My link is at the very end. I followed it, of course, but got a 404, as it’s from my old MT archives. Turns out what it should point to is this. What a blast from the past! That guy in the middle in the white t-shirt is JD Roth before he became all webfamous.


It's hard to believe, I'm in heaven.

So I was all ready to finish my carve tonight, but for some reason my wrist is acting up.  Stupid wrist, be less hurtier. Still, this morning I had a special crafty treat of another variety.

I buy most of my felting wool off Etsy. Sometimes I’ll find a lovely batch in an out-of-the-way shop I’ll never visit again. I finally decided it was time to find a local source. Altportland had a nice list, and I decided Gossamer would be my first visit. I’m not sure I need to visit anyplace else, ever. Wow. I’ve never seen so much roving in one place. In the pic, there’s more wool to the right, and more felt to the left. That little pile on the table is the stuff I came home with. Ultra soft, ultra white merino top for Christmas tree owls, colors and high-quality felt for some other projects. So excited!

Stupid wrist.



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