A Month of Holiday Cards: Day 1

I figure November 9 is a good day to start my Month of Holiday Cards, because then I’ll be mailing these cards by about December 12. Also, I hadn’t finished the stamp I wanted to use until today.

November 9

For this first card, I wanted to try this debossing technique I just found. I used Distress Inks for the background, and instead of Perfect Pearl Mist, I used Glimmer Mist in Sea Glass. You can seeĀ  a little of my text stamp, but the scale wasn’t great. Here’s a closeup of one of the snowflakes, so you can really see the Crackle Paint effect:

Nov 9 detail

The snowflakes and border are Martha Stewart. She hit it out of the park this year with her embellishments, and I’ll be using a lot of them. I love the colors and patterns. Finally, on top, there is Angus Owl, in hand-carved stamp form. I colored him with Copics. I used a new product on him, Goosebumps shimmer texture spray. It looks kind of like I embossed him all over. Here’s a closeup:

If I could change one thing about this card, I would distress everything to match the background better. I haven’t made a lot of cards, so this is a learning process.

Here are some interesting things I’ve seen over the last few days:

  • Booooooom brings us Wonder Object, fascinating interactive metal sculpture by Gary Schott. I love the Eskimo Kisser. Shouldn’t that be Inuit Kisser?
  • Art of Darkness introduced me to a creepy thing I did not know about, and I love it. Number Stations. Mysterious radio stations that often just broadcast series of numbers. Crackling, distant, in foreign languages, sending their mysterious signals for decades. If anyone knows why, they’re not talking. I love a mystery.
  • Craft Test Dummies teaches us how to make our own washi tape (Japanese tissue tape, to which I am hopelessly addicted) with wrapping paper and a Xyron machine. Beautiful!
  • Brought to you by the fine folks of Countdown to Halloween comes 13 Days of Creepmas, encouraging all you boys and girls to add a little creepy to the holiday season. I, sadly, will not be participating, as my Christmas projects are pretty non-creepy this year.
  • And now, we drone. Kalapmantra is a free 72-track download of dark drone. It’s wonderfully atmospheric, and I’m enjoying it very much.

4 Responses to A Month of Holiday Cards: Day 1

  1. Cheryll Dale says:

    I love this card, and I love that blog you linked to, that tag is outstanding, as is your card. What a great technique. I must get some of these products. $$$ What tool has those embossing folders, want! Too much to read in my alloted time, will be back to finish later in the day…love your blog! Look forward to your holiday cards this month, its exciting. No joke.

  2. Cat says:

    I didn’t want to pay for some huge die-cut machine that would do embossing too, but I finally found an embosser-only called Texture Boutique that was less than $30, and works will all those wonderful embossing folders. Now there are several like that. Have to budget for folders, but oh, so nice! I was in the store yesterday and there were at least half a dozen Christmas folders. I wanted them alllll!

  3. BubblePanda6 says:

    Awesome! Hoping you will have some to trade!

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