Alligators and Art


Yep, that’s me, holding a juvenile alligator. As in, a young alligator, not an alligator who makes fart jokes.  My friend Anna volunteers for Hart’s Reptile Rescue, so I had a bit of an in, and got to hold not only this beauty, but a lovely bearded dragon as well.  The Spousal Unit got thoroughly snuggled by a sweet Dumeril. She just settled right in. It was adorable. Hart’s facebook album has a few more pics of us.

After snuggling critters, we headed off to the SE Portland Art Walk. We’ll hit a few more tomorrow. Today, I glommed a “dog monster” from a favorite: James Derosso. He just started making these. Aren’t they great?



I also found a spoon rest by Terry Batte. She made it from recycled windows. I loved the quiet beauty of the piece. Also, I’m a sucker for practical items that are also art. Sorry the photo is sub-par–glass is a pain to photograph!



Finally, I saw some jewelry I liked, but I admit I didn’t buy a piece. I loved that it was different, that the design was so sharp, but I just wasn’t sure it was something for me to wear. But it might be something for you to wear! Ana Eugenia hasn’t updated her site yet with her new pieces, so here’s a sample:



I was very tempted by some honeycomb-inspired rings.

So we’re driving home, tired, and I’m thinking the only thing that could make this better is if I found a letterbox. Got home, and lo and behold, I had notification of a new local box in my email! Bill opted for the couch. It was a little further down the road than I thought, but still pretty close. I got first finder!

Supah-dupah day.

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  1. Anna says:

    I am SO glad you guys came out.
    I love getting a chance to share something I care about with folks whom I enjoy.

    Thanks again for the towels/donation 🙂

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