Make Believe

Ze Frank has resurrected A Show, and the internet rejoices. Today’s Show was about make believe:


This is something I’ve never had trouble with, much to the Spousal Unit’s frequent consternation. For example, I am convinced the Custom House in downtown Portland is full of spies. Look at it:

Looming there with its stony edifice and its formal courtyard. Why do you think plans for the building continually fall through? Spies.

Then there was the time when we lived downtown and I’d hop the bus in the mornings for a short trip to work. One morning, I saw a handsome black gentleman, about 50, dressed in a dark turtleneck, charcoal slacks, and polished dress shoes. The Spousal Unit and I agreed he was quite sharp. The next day, there was another black man, very similarly dressed, with features very much like the fellow of the day before, except 20 years younger. Father and son? Of course not. It was the same man. When we saw him the day before, he’d obviously come from the future with a dire warning for his younger self. We never saw the older man again, though we saw the younger several times. See, his older self went back to the future.

Recently, the Spousal Unit and I were pulling a set of letterboxes I’d planted temporarily. Heading along the trail, he asked me where the turn was. I told him that according to my clues, it was at the castle ruins. He looked at me skeptically. Eventually, we came to a trail on the left, marked by a few overgrown slabs of concrete. “Castle ruins!” I said. She shook his head and said I had to be kidding. I harrumphed that it was perfectly obvious.

It’s possible I have an excess of imagination, but I’m not giving it up.

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  1. Marmalade says:

    I recall seeing people fencing (you know, modern day sword fighting) on the loading dock of the Custom House one day. I had no idea it was part of their spy training. Guess the spy gym was busy that day.

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