Spooky bits

I'm not much of a gamer, but this sure is pretty. Pretty creepy:

One of my favorite creepmeisters, Dahlia Dreary, has started a book club.  The first assignment is Sarah Rayne's A Dark Dividing. As usual, the Kindle edition is full of copy-editing errors. Nonetheless, I'm enjoying the novel, which is oh-so-gothicy thus far.

So I posted a beautiful foam monster built of foam on facebook a few days ago. Turns out the creator used the building of this monster to film a tutorial on scaling and building in foam. It's fascinating, and boy do I want some of those tools. If only tools could make me a brilliant sculptor.

One thought on “Spooky bits

  1. Cheryll Dale

    Really interesting seeing the tutorial on the monster. Are you planning this for next Halloween in your neighborhood? Thanks for sharing.


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