Kolchak: Terror in The Woods

When we had a house, I wanted to do our yard with homemade Kolchak standups and monsters. Never got a chance. So this year, I got my Kolchak on using my hobby, <a href=”http://www.atlasquest.com/”>letterboxing</a>. I even made a video trailer.

2 Responses to Kolchak: Terror in The Woods

  1. dionne says:

    This was great fun. We didn’t finish the series today since we had to pick up the girl-child from school but perhaps we’ll return before it’s removed. Just discovered your blog. Think I’ll have a look around….
    dionne @ passengersonalittlespaceship.blogspot.com or spaceship passengers at atlasquest

  2. frykitty says:

    Glad you enjoyed what you were able to get to!

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