OPA 2013

We had a great time at the Oregon Potters Association show, and its sister show, Gathering of the Guilds. The OPA show was bigger this year, with lots of new faces. We wanted to fill in a couple gaps in our collection; potters we’d looked at for years, but didn’t have any pieces from. We were mostly successful, though still ended up with a couple old favorites.

Dorothy Steele

I used to visit Dorothy Steele’s old shop down by the Ross Island bridge. She now works from her home. She uses plants for texture, pressing the material into her distinctively-colored pieces. Her work is the type you can look at many times, and always see something new. This view is a bit of a tease, and doesn’t truly show the richness of this cup design. I wanted to have at least two of her motifs in the picture, so you get a bit of each.

Chayo Wilson

We already have a Chayo Wilson cup from 2011, but I couldn’t resist bringing home another of her leathery, organic pieces. This feels like a day in the high desert to me.

Theresa Smith

We have long been enamored of Theresa Smith’s sgraffito work, drawn by her mysterious, woodcut-like crows. It wasn’t a crow that finally sold us, though, but this daisy. It’s still her signature black-and-white, and very representative of her work, but it has a bright liveliness that is a little different. Like so many of the artists this year, Smith is beginning to experiment with transfers using her original sgraffito work. She showed us a piece in the back. While I’m not automatically a fan of transfers in ceramics, I think this direction will be interesting for her.

Kristy Lombard

Kristy taught me to throw a pot. I haven’t thrown in a while, but may get back to it in the future. We have some other pieces of hers, but they are years old, and don’t represent her current work. Her pieces are bright and joyous, almost whimsical. This cup is going to make me smile frequently.

Hiroshi Ogawa

I wish everyone could come over and hold this bowl. It has a tremendous richness of texture and surface, and a sense of immense history. It’s as if he retrieved it from an archeological dig rather than creating it himself. We love everything we brought home, but this one is definitely our preciousssss.

Kathe Nagy

I couldn’t resist nabbing this amazing focal bead from Kathe Nagy. It’s about 1-1/2″ tall, and filled with a swirling world of floatie things. I’m going to make something out of it, and I’m not going to give it away. Nope, mine.

4 Responses to OPA 2013

  1. Marmalade says:

    I am attracted to the Chayo Wilson piece. To me, it looks like a day at the ocean. I’m sorry I missed the show this year, thanks for sharing your haul.

  2. frykitty says:

    It’s funny, I realized after I said “desert” that there is a bunch of ocean imagery in the piece. It’s still all turquoise and leather to me.

  3. Cheryll Dale says:

    sgraffito, isn’t that where you lift the clay up with a knife? My Mom made a vase that was gorgeous doing that, white back ground, leaves and stem all in gold leaf. Its taken a beating over the years and some of the tips of the leaves have broken off but one of my prize possessions of Mom. Slivers of clay don’t like being beaten up, lol I can’t see on that piece where this lady lifted up, however. Beautiful choices you made, but then you know that.

  4. frykitty says:

    In sgraffito, you apply a layer of contrasting slip (liquid clay), and when it dries, you scrape it off to make the pattern. So not really lifted up. Love to see a picture of the piece your mom made.

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