Lookit me, blogging ‘n’ stuff

Many times I have resolved to update frytopia more often. This is one of them.

Did you know this blog is 13 freaking years old? THIRTEEN. It’s a good number.

So I’ve been up to a couple things lately. Allow me to demonstrate.


This is me, covered in goats. The salient fact is not the goats, but that the goats are in Sarasota, Florida. We were there in March because the Spousal Unit had a job interview. He got the job, and in a month, we will be there permanently.  I’ve lived in the PNW almost all my life, and I’m sure there’s stuff I’ll miss. I’ll certainly miss some people. But we’re excited as heck to be making this move. Florida is beautiful, and we’ve already found fantastic Cuban food.

long trail

I’ve also been spending a lot of time on the Banks-Vernonia trail, planting letterboxes. I’ve explored four out of six trailheads, and had a lot of fun, except for playing dodgebike when the weather was nice. It is seriously busy. If you bicycle, it’s definitely for you. It’s also a great place for folks with mobility issues, as all 21 miles is wide and paved.

And now, stuff I found on the interwebs:

A Mefi thread about 80s videos that will suck you down the rabbit hole
“Just look how much fun we’re having.”

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  1. Myra says:

    Maybe if you blog more, I’ll be inspired to blog more. Doubtful, buy maybe.

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