Halloween cannot pass without a party

bowiethere were no digital effects used in that shot.
they actually had David Bowie hanging upsidedown

on this rig system with his boot glued to the brick.
then they just flipped him around and were like, ok David, don’t die.

So I’ve already started planning my Halloween party for my new friends in Florida. Thanks to letterboxing,  I have a built-in audience for all my crazy-ass stuff. This year, it’s a Labyrinth theme. I’ve already re-watched the movie for the billionth time. Boy, is it ever 80s. I’m not sure I can watch it again, though I still adore the ideas, songs, and visuals. I’ll just do the rest of my research online. I have an idea for taking those clear plastic bulbs used for making Christmas decorations, and putting scenes in them. I need to experiment with whoopie cushions to create a (non-smelly) Bog of Eternal Stench. A friend introduced me to the magic of hot glue masks, and I’m dying to make some for the masquerade. So many things.

Completely unrelated: ever notice how pretty much all Disney villains look like Anjelica Huston?

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