Tiny Death

A last moment in the sun

A last moment in the sun

Just got a little sunburn watching Accushred NW destroy thirteen years of my online life. I took the box of seven hard drives out to the truck myself. They fit in a shoe box. I live so much of my life online. I have friends I’ve never met in real life, but are as close as family. I met my husband online. All that life, in a shoe box.

The nice tech was re-arranging boxes of shredding when I went out. I waited for minutes on end, wondering what he was up to. He was slowly revealing the machine at the head of the cargo area so I could witness the shred. I was willing to drop and run, but fair enough, he’d worked hard to show me this, so I would watch. Atop the machine sat a box with a plexiglass door. The door was cracked, taped over with black duct tape. Inside was what looked like a pitted metal funnel with a two-inch tube. The tech put my oldest drive in. The thing was such a monster he had to drill (I think it drilled, I wasn’t close enough) twice to do the job. He removed my drive from the box so I could witness its utterly mangled state. I nodded, smiled, said: “yeah, nobody’s getting anything off that.”

When we scheduled the shred, I was thinking of two things: security, and not moving the damned things to Florida. As I saw the drill come down on that drive, I felt the smallest wrench. That was my first computer. I bought it with money left to me when my last grandparent died. I started blogging on that computer, first at Geocities, soon using Blogger.

The first frytopia

The first frytopia

There are the infamous Green Shoes. I think that first design was one of my favorites.

The shredder box had a design flaw: the drill would push the drive into the bottom of the box so forcefully that the tech had to take a mallet and screwdriver to pound and pry it free. After a few drives, he had to bring the shredder closer to me to plug it in to another outlet. Didn’t work; he had to get the truck running. That was a lot to ask of a truck battery. When he next had to manhandle the drive free of the box, sending little bits of metal and plastic flying, I kept a piece. Just a small bit of black plastic. Even less than a shoe box.


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    S did you move to Florida?

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