Food in Sarasota

We’ve been eating out way too much. The food here is pretty damned good. Since is not quite upgraded enough to update, I’m going to summarize our food adventures so far, and transfer it over there later. No pictures, no notes. Gonna fix that, as our goal is to go to a new place every time we venture out.

Rincon Cubano is a bit of a cheat, since we came here in March. We haven’t had a lot of Cuban food, but this is far and away the best we’ve experienced. Layers of fantastic flavors, great service, and a relaxed atmosphere. This is already a comfort food spot for us.

Lucky Pelican doesn’t currently have a working website. He had a butternut squash ravioli, which was very rich and a bit sweet. A nice depth of flavor. I found it a bit too rich for an entire meal, but he loved it. I had the lobster bake. The mussels were the best I’ve ever had, and the lobster was mild and delicious. The clams were very strong and fishy, and I didn’t finish them. For dessert, we tried the Havana Banana Brulee. Caramelized banana slices atop a custard and a pastry cup, served with ice cream and caramel sauce. The bananas and custard were fantastic. The caramel sauce on the ice cream was very strong, but perfect when eaten in a bite with the rest of the dessert. Sadly, the pastry cup was thick, dry, and crumbly.

Carrabba’s serves some very nice Italian. He had the Penne Franco, I had the Seafood Cannelloni. His was eye-rollingly good. Mine was fine, though not perfectly fresh (supertaster problem–I know your seafood is going off a day before it does).  For dessert, we had the Sogno Di Cioccolata “Chocolate Dream”. It was lighter than we expected, and an excellent chocolate fix.

Tonight we ventured over to Kumo Japanese Steak House and Sushi Lounge, because I saw what I thought were several crunchy rolls on their menu. We shared Haru Maki (sweet Japanese egg roll) for an appetizer. It was indeed a little sweet, and served with a sweet chili sauce. I liked it. For entrees, he had Vegetables Love, which included several types of vegetable rolls. It was a very nice plate of food.  I tried a Tiger Roll and a Green Dragon roll. Sadly, these weren’t the crunch rolls I was hoping for. They had deep fried elements, but there was no crunch, and mostly it was standard sushi. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it was all high-quality, but it’s just not my thing.  The restaurant itself was beautiful, though loud. Service was mixed. We’ll probably go back, and I’ll try a steak instead of hoping for redneck sushi.

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