Farmer’s Market!

Sarasota has an adorable downtown. They’ve worked hard to make it a walking city, with nice sidewalks, small shopfronts lining the streets, and public art. There’s also plenty of parking, because the public transport sucks beach balls.

Sarasota Farmer's Market

The Sarasota Farmers Market was good sized, and had a nice variety. When other markets seem to have been taken over by flower vendors, it was nice to see produce, art (well, more or less), and food in the majority. We had some killer Argentinian empanadas, and the chick at the booth wanted the Spousal Unit’s bearded dragon shirt, which I made for him. Once I’m unpacked, I’ll be taking a couple to her.

We also got some delicious sugar-free fudge, tried yet another mediocre jalapeno jelly (I mean really, people!), and listened to The Cadillac Grainers:

I picked up a CD, but I wish it had been more professionally mixed, so you could really hear Holly Foss’s amazing voice.

Right by the market on Main Street is A. Parker’s Books, which is the kind of book store you dream about. Row after row of aging tomes, as if someone had stepped in and actually curated Powell’s. For me, there’s a great art section, and for him, poetry. Because there are some books that still require paper.

Our little morning adventure then took us to the only independent art store in town, Art and Frame. And good enough, because it’s a very nice store. I was able to replace the fixative I couldn’t ship, and pick up a Montana marker to try.

Oh, and did I mention the garage sales? I found pretty boxes, because I often find pretty boxes. I also found this:


Those are all glass beads and accents. And it casts pretty shadows.

The Spousal Unit worked for a couple hours, then when I picked him up, we chose a street and started driving. And got lost. We ended up way north of Sarasota somewhere. But it was fun, and we made it home in one piece. It was a good day. I shall end with an anole:


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