Rainy Sunday, Mi Pueblo, Verizon

We have been having a good old tropical rain storm all friggin’ day. Sunshine State my ass. At least it’s warm. Also, even though it’s pouring down rain, there still tends to be sunlight coming from somewhere, so it’s not really dark.

Went phone shopping at the Verizon store, only to find that they were out of most of the phones on display. Also, I still hesitate at the monthly price of a smartphone. Ouch.


Lunch was at Mi Pueblo, which is the prettiest Mexican restaurant I have ever been to. Custom door frames, fantastic tile work, and gorgeous religious iconography. I so want the punched metal lights they had everywhere. Weirdly, the booths were standard ugly and way too low, allowing the child behind my to play poke-and-duck. Taller booths would also have worked as a sound baffle, as the place was so loud I left with a headache.  But other than that, gorgeous. The food was…well, it was food. The Spousal Unit ordered a bean burrito, which was tasty, but uninspired. I ordered the Pollo en Mole. Basically chicken with melted milk chocolate poured over it. That was a pretty sad excuse for mole. But hey, stuff anything in a tortilla and it tastes better. The only picture I remembered to take was of our mostly-devoured sopapilla. It was a puffed pastry dusted with cinnamon and sugar, and you put the honey and whipped cream on yourself. No sauce. It wasn’t what I know as a sopapilla, but it was still plenty tasty.


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