Tandoor, Sandhill Cranes

Last night we went to look at our first house. We will be renting for a year or so before we buy.  The space was amazing–open plan, tile floors, high ceilings. Basically everything we ever wanted in Portland, but couldn’t find. There were a few small problems, and there are a lot of places to look at yet, so we’re probably not renting that one. But it was nice to know that the listing was for real, because it had a “too good to be true” quality to this girl of less-than-affluent background.


Sad little samosas.

After the showing, we hit the first mall on the parkway (University  Parkway is more or less one long mall), and went to the first non-chain restaurant we came to. Tandoor Indian Cuisine was a very pretty restaurant. A bit of a surprise, as we couldn’t really see in the windows, and from the outside it could well have been a 3-table takeout place.

The papadon were flavorful, and served with a fantastic onion chutney. A bit sweet and very crunchy, with a nice bite.  The vegetable samosas were lackluster. They were serve with a trio of toppings: tamarind sauce, cilantro chutney, and more of the onion chutney.  All of the toppings were very good, which was lucky since the samosas needed them.

Malai Kofta

Chef Boyardee Kofta.

The dumplings in the Vegetable Malai Kofta were yummy, and just the right texture. The sauce was tomato-heavy, and when mixed with the cheese, tasted very reminiscent of Chef Boyardee spaghetti sauce.  At first, this was a little delightful, but it became less tolerable on subsequent bites.  The Saag Paneer was very plain. Some salt perked it up–but I don’t expect to add salt in an Indian restaurant. The paneer was unsalted, and the spinach was flat and nearly tasteless.

So, pretty place, but the food wasn’t good enough to go back for. We will continue our search for Indian in Sarasota.

On our way home, these guys were across the street from the condo:


Mr. and Mrs. Sandhill Crane

Every day here we see white herons, great blue herons, sandhill cranes, and ibis. And probably a few more big birds that I don’t know the names of. They are not shy, and you often have to wait for them to saunter across the road in front of you. Gorgeous things.

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  1. MaryS says:

    Cat! Your blog is looking wonderful and I’m so excited for this new adventure you’re on in Florida!

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